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Messer is no longer offering the Pneumatic Drill Unit. 

Dealer Training for Spring 2022: This is for new dealers wanting to attend dealer training and/or if you need a refresher course, contact

(In-house for eight dealers only. 2-day extensive training - based on interest.)
In-house up to training includes:

  • Hands-on machine training.
  • Extensive Machine line training.
  • Process training plasma, laser, and oxy-fuel.
  • Competitive machine line analysis. 
  • Off-site dinner with trainers.
  • Lunches with trainers.
  • And so much more. 

1-day virtual training includes:

  • Machine line training overview.
  • Process training plasma, laser, and oxy-fuel.
  • Virtual Applications training on machine line based on machine available. 



The dealer newsletter is no longer stored online. Dealer Newsletter is emailed in Feb, July & Oct.         


Retrofit JoBoxMesser's Retrofit Process Brings Results in a Short Time

This maximizes your productivity by bringing you the latest up to date machine features. We minimize downtime by taking care of as many parts of the retrofit as possible before Service arrives at your location.

With all major retrofits, a JOBOX is sent out that includes all tools and hardware required for the installation. It greatly reduces the chance of needing other materials during the install of the retrofit.

Retrofit PartsRetrofit subassemblies are pre-assembled prior to shipping for faster install.

Components are all bagged and identified to their location of assembly such as operator station or drive panel.

Hoses are cut to the correct length.

Fittings are placed on them with notes as to their installation location.

Retrofit DrawingsInstallation drawings provide simple instructions and a visual concept of the retrofit.

Complete documentation including red-line schematics help the MG Service Technician to identify the locations of all components being installed.

These drawings and part numbers remain with you after retrofit.