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  • FiberBlade V, Element,  and New Photos  Please contact  to get this information. 
  • FiberBlade V and Element  please have all content updated on your websites.  
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  • Latest Article: Oxyfuel Automation Advancements  Canadian Fabricating and Welding. 



 Messer is no longer offering the Pnuematic Drill Unit. 

Dealer Training for Spring 2022: This is for new dealers wanting to attend dealer training and/or if you need a refresher course, contact

(In-house for eight dealers only. 2-day extensive training - based on interest.)
In-house up to training includes:

  • Hands-on machine training.
  • Extensive Machine line training.
  • Process training plasma, laser, and oxy-fuel.
  • Competitive machine line analysis. 
  • Off-site dinner with trainers.
  • Lunches with trainers.
  • And so much more. 

1-day virtual training includes:

  • Machine line training overview.
  • Process training plasma, laser, and oxy-fuel.
  • Virtual Applications training on machine line based on machine available. 



The dealer newsletter is no longer stored online. Dealer Newsletter is emailed in Feb, July & Oct.         

How Can Messer Cutting Systems Save You Money?


Consumable Program

Did you know that by entering a Plasma Plus Consumer Loyalty program with Messer Cutting Systems your company save up to 25% or more on your genuine Hypertherm and Messer Oxyfuel consumables?


Preventative Maintenance

Schedule your down time. Whether you need to outsource your entire preventative maintenance or have a full department that just needs a onetime training, Messer Cutting Systems has a plan for you.


Operator Training

Turn over and time can diminish operator skills and your machine is only as good as your operator. A skilled and confident operator will save you money in productivity, scrap reduction, part quality improvement and consumable usage.


CNC Control Upgrade

Older CNC controllers can be costly and time consuming to maintain. If your system has become difficult or impossible to maintain and you would like to benefit from the latest advancements in technology without purchasing a new machine consider a Messer Global Control upgrade.

Plasma Upgrades

Plasma Upgrade

Tremendous advancements have been made with high precision plasma power supplies. Cut quality, cut speed, thickness capabilities and reliability have all greatly improved. Messer Cutting Systems can help you benefit from these advancements on your existing machine.

Machine Rebuilds

Complete Machine Rebuild / Remanufacture

Many customers find that they have worn down their existing machine down to the frame and rails. Messer Cutting Systems complete remanufactures will replace every component on your machine while allowing you to save time and money by utilizing your existing rail and machine frame.